10 Tips for Stress-Free Entertaining

Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

‘Tis the season for entertaining — a time when you will be hosting cookie exchanges, Christmas Eve buffets and festive meals. It can be overwhelming. Never fear, we’re here with some tips for stress-free entertaining that will have you enjoying the holidays instead of dreading them.

Plan Ahead

Start planning well in advance. Create a checklist of tasks and a timeline to ensure everything gets done without last-minute stress. This includes creating a menu, shopping for ingredients and decorating.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to do anything elaborate. Most guests want to enjoy your company — not your Martha Stewart-inspired décor and menu. Remember, simple can be elegant, and guests often appreciate quality over quantity.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s a potluck-style gathering or enlisting friends and family to assist with preparations, sharing the load can significantly reduce stress. Hire someone to clean your house before the event.

Strategy is Everything

When it comes to the menu, strategy is everything. Choose recipes that allow you to do some of the work in advance, whether it’s chopping vegetables, marinating meats or baking desserts. Don’t feel you have to make everything. It’s perfectly acceptable to serve pre-made meals from the grocery store.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Check in with your guests beforehand to inquire about any dietary restrictions or preferences. This way, you can plan your menu accordingly and avoid any last-minute adjustments.

Ambiance Helps

Create a welcoming atmosphere with lighting, music and decor. A well-set ambiance can distract from any minor hiccups and make guests feel comfortable. A playlist, curated to your guests tastes, will put guests in the mood to party.

Stay Organized

Keep everything organized and easily accessible. This includes utensils, serving dishes and any other items you may need. Labeling can also help if others are helping you with setup.

Take a Break

Don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy the event. If you’re constantly in the kitchen or dealing with last-minute details, you won’t have the chance to connect with your guests and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Lago Mar homes feature island kitchens where guests can sit and converse with you while the meal is being prepared.

Have a Backup Plan

Be prepared for unexpected challenges. Have a backup menu item, extra seating and alternative activities in case the weather or other circumstances disrupt your original plans.

Go with the Flow

Accept that not everything will go as planned, and that’s okay. Stay flexible and focus on enjoying the time with your guests rather than stressing over every detail.

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