Our Partners

For more than 25 years Land Tejas has forged partnerships with key players in the real estate and financial industries. More recently, our portfolio has expanded to include specialized amenity and entertainment ventures, most notably with the Crystal Lagoons® Corporation.

CBA Land Capital

CBA Land Capital was founded by a team of experienced industry experts who have built a reputation as trusted partners. Investors have experienced success with us before and industry partners know they can count on us.

FLEXIBLE FUNDING In today’s environment, builders must be flexible to the always changing market conditions but also mindful of precious capital. Securing and maintaining positions in the market, whether land or lots, is crucial to continued growth and success. CBA Land Capital works with builders to secure positions in the market for continued success but also conserve capital for vertical development. In today’s ending environment, the requirements for a traditional financing structure can stretch a company’s capital resources and balance sheet to the limit. CBA Land Capital is not a traditional lender and has a structure to alleviate the capital and resource strains placed on builders.

The CBA Land Capital team is led by some of the industry’s most seasoned and savvy veterans. Paul Connor, founded Connor Investment Real Estate in 2017 and has been involved in more than $600 million of residential and commercial real estate developments and investments— his track record in the land banking business is excellent. Philip Guyton has 25 years of financial and management experience, with a focus on construction and engineering. Before joining Connor & CBA, he worked as Vice President of Finance at Land Tejas.

Lagoon Development

The Lagoon Development Company is a Land Tejas affiliated entity led by founder and president Uri Man. Before joining the Land Tejas team, Uri was CEO for Crystal Lagoons® U.S. Corp. The company is responsible for the design, financial feasibility, capitalization, and bottom line profitability of the public access component of several lagoons in different stages of planning, construction and operation in Texas.