Be Home for the Holidays

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2022

If a new home for the holidays is at the top of your wish list, we have good news. Balmoral builders have many move-in ready homes just waiting for families to discover. Many of these homes are ready now, so you can be settled in time to cook a holiday feast. Check out the advantages of purchasing a move-in-ready home.

Less Time Until Moving Day

Quick move-in homes, also called inventory homes, are at or near completion. The time it takes to close is typically the same as for an existing home. That means if you buy now, you could be home in time to hang up your holiday decorations.

You Can Tour Them

Instead of looking at a floor plan, you can see the completed home. Completed inventory homes are open for touring. You can see if the home will fit your family’s needs for the holidays and the future.

Many Builders Offer Incentives

Hoping to save some money? Many builders offer incentives if you purchase a move-in-ready home. Those incentives could take the form of reduced pricing, money toward closing costs, money toward upgrades and more. More savings could mean more money in your wallet to buy holiday gifts.

A Nicer Kitchen

New homes boast the latest trends. Yours might feature stainless-steel appliances, a kitchen island, more counter space, more cupboard space and a walk-in pantry. Purchase an inventory home and you can get it all in time to bake holiday cookies, stock up on holiday dinner supplies and have more space to entertain holiday guests.

Speaking of Guests

A new home could mean more room for guests. Your new home could have a guest suite. Bigger children’s rooms offer more space for younger guests. If your current home is too small for entertaining, you could have a larger one in time for a New Year’s Eve bash.

Less Holiday Stress

The holidays can be stressful. So can choosing floors, countertops, cabinets, paint colors and all the other decisions that come with a build-to-order home. With an inventory home, most of those decisions have already been made.

You’ll Have Fun Meeting the Neighbors

Inventory homes are usually located in master-planned communities. These communities host a lot of holiday events — which are great places for you and your family to make new friends.

Ready to Get Moving?

Visit Balmoral and talk to our amazing builders about their inventory homes. Then make a list of all the holiday activities you can enjoy in your new home.

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