Build Your Body at Fitness Hub Park

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Ready to change up your workout routine? Step outside the gym for a breath of fresh air, circuit training and a dose of Vitamin D at an outdoor fitness park. Fitness parks are popping up everywhere, including Balmoral. Fitness Hub Park offers an easy, targeted workout residents can do anytime. Take a look at what you might find and how you can get into shape at a fitness park:

8-Foot Climbing Wall

Want to work every muscle in your body while getting a great cardio workout? Scale a wall. There’s no need to worry about form or remember different exercises. You just climb. While you do, you’ll be burning calories, improving balance and coordination and having fun. There are also mental benefits to wall climbing as you must engage in problem-solving and feel a sense of accomplishment once you reach the top.


If climbing walls aren’t your thing or you feel the need for a more challenging climbing experience, the rope-up station may be just the thing. Rope climbing exercises your core, strengthens muscles in your arms and back and builds endurance.

Bamboo Jungle

Parkour your way across the bamboo jungle. Basically, a series of poles with foot holds, bamboo jungles increase balance, dexterity and core strength. Your goal is to traverse from pole to pole without falling off.

Cargo Net

Inspired by military boot camp climbing equipment, cargo nets use your body weight to help strengthen arms, legs and core. Start slow, embrace the resistance and build muscle. Once you’ve got a feel for it, try scampering to the top. Either way, you get a full-body workout.

Traverse Station

If you loved the monkey bars as a kid, you’ll love challenging yourself on this grown-up version. Traverse stations ask you to swing from one end to another. You’ll build arm, core and even grip strength. Stop in the middle to add a few pull-ups to your workout routine.

AB Ladder/Dip Station

Who doesn’t want to develop a six-pack? You can get an intense core workout at the AB Ladder/Dip Station. All you need to do is raise and lower your body. Your body weight provides all the resistance you need to build those muscles.

Row Station

Row, row, row your muscles into great shape on the rowing machine. Just grip the handles, lean back and engage your upper body muscles. Try one-handed and two-handed exercises to work different muscles.

All of this is available at Fitness Hub Park, one of the many exciting amenities you’ll fall in love with when you make your home in Balmoral. Visit us today and see for yourself.

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