Building Your Dream Bath at the Design Center

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Bathing. Primping. Escaping. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Vanbrooke builders know this which is why they put a lot of thought into the standard baths they design. They also allow you to go a few steps further at the design center where options and upgrades can help you build the bathroom retreat of your dreams. While not all builders offer the same options, here are the ones you will want to look for:

Super-size Your Shower

We dream of tubs filled with bubbles but realistically showers are better. Not any showers, super-sized, walk-in showers. Walk-in showers have no thresholds to trip over, so they are great if you have small children or plan to age in place. They are easier to clean. They can make your bathroom seem larger since there won’t be an irregularly shaped tub taking up floor space. Add multiple showerheads and a bench seat for a more luxurious look and feel.

Types of Tubs

If your definition of relaxation includes a glass of wine, candles and bath salts, choosing the right style of tub is important. Freestanding tubs make a statement and can pretty much be put anywhere in the bathroom. Whirlpool or jacuzzi tubs add an extra layer of relaxation in the form of jets installed in the walls behind the tub. Walk-in tubs are great for homebuyers that want a tub but have accessibility issues.

Do You Really Want to Touch?

A great investment is touchless faucets and toilets. They help prevent the spread of bacteria, save you money, are convenient and easy to clean. Hands-free faucets and toilets use less water which will save you money on your water bill. You also won’t leave the water on if you get distracted.

Get Smart

Home automation technology is creeping into our bathrooms, and that isn’t a bad thing. Smart mirrors can adjust vanity lighting via a voice interface. Technology can keep track of your water usage and even detect leaks. Digital faucets have settings that can control temperatures to prevent scalding. There are even shower panels that allow you to control temperature, water flow and steam in the shower as well as letting you play music or watch television.

Terrific Tile

 Tile comes in many different textures, colors and materials. Porcelain is durable and water-resistant. Ceramic is less durable than porcelain and has a tendency to crack, allowing moisture to seep in. Stone is a great choice as it is water-resistant and durable. Whatever material you use, make sure to tile your shower to the ceiling for a finished look.

Build-in Storage

Nobody likes a cluttered bathroom. Consider your needs before going to the design center. Many builders offer closet organization systems to give you more vertical and horizontal space for clothes, shoes and accessories. If you like your towels close by, ask about adding a linen closet.

It’s All About the Floors

Bathroom floors need to be water-resistant, stain-resistant and great looking. Ceramic tile comes standard with most homes, but you can upgrade the color, style and quality. If you choose ceramic, make sure that a high-quality glaze is used so that it resists wear and tear. Stone floors are gorgeous and water-resistant but can be harder to maintain depending on the type of stone used. Either works well with radiant floor heaters. If you want your floors to be eco-friendly, choose long-lasting linoleum.


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