Create a Joyous Easter Celebration

Posted on Thursday, April 9, 2020

There is no getting around the fact that we will be celebrating Easter differently this year. Gone will be the community-wide egg hunts, the church services and relatives crowding into the house for dinner. Or will they? With a little creativity, Easter can still feel like Easter. 

Decorate Away
Channel your children’s energy into decorating for the holiday. Print out Easter Bunny coloring pages and tape the finished products on your windows. Dye eggs if you have them or break out plastic ones if you don’t. Plastic eggs can be decorated with stickers. Fill them with treats or a Bible verse, then hang them from a small tree. Number them like an advent calendar and let the kids open one per day leading up to the main event. 

Plan an Egg Hunt
There are plenty of ways to organize an egg hunt. Hide eggs around your house for your kids to find. Have a prize for the child that finds the most eggs. A larger hunt is also possible. Get in touch with the neighbors and ask participating families to decorate large Easter eggs on paper and then tape the paper eggs into windows facing the street. On Easter Sunday, everyone can drive around the neighborhood in their cars looking for the eggs. 

Get Dressed
We may be going to work in our yoga pants but that doesn’t mean we should be celebrating Easter in them. Get everyone dressed up. Take photos while your kids are hunting for eggs in their finery and don’t forget a family photo in the backyard. 

Stream Church Service
Check with your local church to see if they are streaming services. If they aren’t, you can get a list of churches around the country that are. 

Easter Baskets?
Creating overflowing baskets of goodies might not be possible this year. Instead, bake up homemade treats or offer digital gifts including gift cards, movies to download or a new game. Use your printer and create coupons for you kids redeemable for hugs, extra bedtime stories or a trip to their favorite ice cream parlor once things get back to normal. 

Support Local Restaurants
You may not feel like cooking a large Easter dinner but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Call around to see if any restaurants are offering a to-go or delivery special for Easter meals. They will appreciate the business and you will appreciate not turning on your oven. 

Think of Others 
This is a difficult time for everyone but you can add a little joy by thinking of others. Keep up the spirits of elderly neighbors by leaving treats on their doorsteps. Create a group chat for family members so you can gather safely to celebrate. Donate to Meals on Wheels or another favored charity. Send pizza, coffee or other items to hospitals, fire departments and police departments to lift the spirits of hardworking first responders.



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