Elegant Bites for New Year’s Eve

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2022

We think our residents would agree that Balmoral is the perfect place to be on New Year’s Eve. Our builder’s gorgeous open-concept homes are perfect for ringing in 2023 with family and friends. What should you serve? How about these elegant appetizers:

Fabulous Finger Food

Nothing says elegance like caviar, so wow your guests with these caviar and crème fraiche tartlets. Fire up the grill and serve up some grilled beef tenderloin mini sandwiches. Who doesn’t love bacon and scallops? Vegetarians shouldn’t have to subsist on the relish tray. Serve them vegetarian buffalo meatballs instead.

Wings and Things

Can wings be elegant? These rosemary honey mustard ones can. Add a little spice to your wings with lemon and pepper. Of course, some guests like adding little more spice to their celebrations. Get a head start on your resolution to eat healthier with these crispy baked wings.

Take a Dip

Add smoked salmon to upscale your party dip. Trade in the onions for this caramelized fennel and leek dip. Chili crab dip warms up any party. We think your guests will feel lucky if you serve up black-eyed peas in a dip.

Choose Your Cheese

There’s nothing more elegant than baked brie. It takes a little time, but your guests will rave all night about your marinated goat cheese. Figs, bleu cheese and toasted baguette? Yes, please. Fondue is just another name for fun.

Check Out the Crackers

These seasoned crackers are the perfect foundation for your cheese selections. Crown polenta crostini with your favorite topping. Make a bunch of these bacon bow tie crackers because your guests will be snacking on them until the ball drops. A truly elegant cracker can only be made with phyllo.

Delightful Desserts

Champagne isn’t just for drinking (hint, put out spoons). Have some fun creating and serving these “cone-oli” desserts. These resolution cookies are a treat for the eyes. These grown-up cupcakes will disappear like 2022 at midnight.

Cocktails and Mocktails

Don’t just pop the cork and fill the flute. Serve a French 75 instead. Bubbly goes big in this delicious champagne punch. Guests will love crafting their own cocktails at a bellini bar. If some of your guests don’t imbibe, these virgin pomegranate and cranberry bellinis are just the ticket. Serve the kids these chocolate martini mocktails to make them feel part of the party.

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