Get Fit Without a Gym Membership

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2024

Ready to work on your fitness goals but can’t stand the thought of going to the gym? No worries. You don’t need a membership to achieve them. Just find activities you enjoy, set realistic goals and stay committed to your fitness journey. It’s also a good idea to check with a healthcare professional before you get started. Here are some tips to get you started.

Do Something You Love

Doing something physical that you enjoy is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape. Why? Because if you enjoy it, you are more likely to do it consistently. Swimming, dancing, hiking and even walking Fido can improve your cardiovascular health, build muscle and help you lose weight. At Lago Mar, our residents can be found traversing our trails, taking a dip in the infinity pool or setting sail on our lagoon.

Get Outdoors

Let’s face it, gyms are stuffy and smell like dirty socks. The solution? Go outside. Running or jogging are simple and effective cardiovascular exercises. Cycling builds leg strength. Hiking and swimming are full-body workouts. You can even fit a workout in at the park because benches are great for bodyweight exercise like step-ups, tricep dips and incline push-ups.

Have You Got Seven Minutes?

If you have seven minutes and an Amazon Alexa device, you have all you need to do a quick at home workout. Alexa walks you through a quick exercise routine that includes wall sits, push-ups, high-knees and more. Once you’ve done a round, you can ask for more or get on with your day. Alexa will even cheer you on.

Pull Your Weight

Don’t own weights? No worries. You can use your body’s natural resistance to get in shape. Just clear some floor space and get started. Push-ups, pull-ups and dips strengthen upper body muscles. Squats and lunges work your lower body. Want a full-body workout? Incorporate planks and burpees.

Get an App

There are numerous workout apps that you can follow. The Body Coach TV, Fitness Blender, PopSugar Fitness and HASfit are free workouts you can find on YouTube. There are also paid fitness programs such as Daily Burn and iFit. Obe Fitness provides workouts tailored just for women. Consider purchasing resistance bands, dumbbells or other equipment so you can follow along with some of the more challenging workouts.


Create a yoga retreat. You just need a spare room, yoga mat, some relaxing tunes and maybe a diffuser or tabletop water fountain. There are several online programs you can use. Just pick your favorite trainer.

Purchase Equipment

Invest in a treadmill, elliptical or rowing machine. You get the same workout as at the gym — without having to wait in line.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Combine exercise with fun and music. Try online Zumba or Body Bar workouts. You can also just turn up the music and dance. Either way you’ll get a full body workout that will leave you breathless.

Stand At Your Desk

Standing actually burns calories (who knew?) so replace your sitting desk with a standing one.  If you don’t want to buy one, DIY it. Stack books, work at the kitchen island or use a tray with legs. As a bonus, studies show that standing while you work increases productivity.

Take the Stairs

Climbing anything is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It also improves leg muscles. The easiest climbing equipment? Stairs. You can find them everywhere — maybe even your own home. Practice running up and down them a few times a day.

Do Your Chores

Any type of movement burns calories and that includes household chores. Carrying laundry up and down the stairs builds arm and leg muscles. Pushing a vacuum around is a great cardio workout. Even reaching up to put dishes away gives your arms a workout.

Buy a Home in Lago Mar

Buying a new home in Lago Mar opens so many workout options. Swim, paddleboard or kayak on our crystal clear lagoon. We have a fitness room with everything you need for a great workout. Keep the kids active on the playground and splash pad. Visit us today.


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