Get Ready for Moving Day

Posted on Thursday, March 16, 2023

Moving day is a busy, busy time — and something that has to happen before you move into your lovely new home in Balmoral. We have a few tips to keep the day as stress-free as possible.

Create a Plan

Before you buy your first box, set aside time to create a moving plan. There should be a section for important documents, including contracts, loan documents, moving company estimates and receipts. Create another for upcoming deadlines such as your walk-through and closing dates, transferring utilities and enrolling the kids in their new school. Use these to create checklists so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Do You Need Movers?

Whether or not you hire a professional moving company depends on many factors. If you are trying to move the contents of your four-bedroom home to another state, professional movers are the way to go. If you are moving from a studio apartment to your first house, a couple of friends and a box of pizza are all you’ll probably need.

Book Early

If you know you will need professional movers, book early because dates fill up.

Get recommendations from friends and family or check out these reviews. Get at least three estimates before deciding. Even if you decide to move yourself, you will need to reserve a moving truck. Do that as early as possible to ensure you can get the right size truck for your needs.

Declutter and Organize

Moving is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need. Start as soon as you’ve signed your contract. Sort items into three categories: keep, donate and toss. You don’t need to do everything in one weekend. Tackle one room a week. Get family members to help.

Make Sure You Have What You Need

Everyone knows you need moving boxes but what about other supplies? Did you buy bubble wrap for your breakables? What about packing tape (always buy more of this than you think you will need). Make sure you have markers in good working order so you can label the boxes. Check Amazon for some really unique moving day items.

You Don’t Always Need Boxes

 If you are going to be moving your suitcases, you might as well pack them. If you aren’t moving far, pull out your dresser drawers, wrap them in plastic and stick them on the truck. You can use trash bags for bedding. The more creative you are, the fewer boxes you will need to buy.

Take Your Time

Packing is overwhelming. Our advice — take your time. Start with a spare room. Pack it up, then use the free space as a staging area for other items. Pack up closets, the garage and cupboards. As you get closer to your move date, pack out-of-season clothes, books, kitchen appliances and DVDs.

Two Weeks Away

Two weeks out from your moving date you need to, well, get moving. Start with the kitchen because it’s usually the hardest. Leave the essentials, pack everything else. Move on to the game room, study and family room. Pack bedrooms last.

What’s In the Box

You don’t want to play “what’s in the box” after moving day. Make a list of what is in each box. Assign each box a letter or number and write down the contents. You can also take a picture of the contents and tape a copy to the box.

The Day Of

Moving always takes twice as long as you think it should. Plan for delays. If you have pets, get someone to watch them so they will be out of the way. Designate someone to liaison with movers if you are using them. If you aren’t, give everyone a specific job. Your friend that loves Tetris should oversee organizing the truck. Kids and teens can stage boxes for adults to carry out to the truck.

Do You Know Your New Neighborhood?

Make sure you know where grocery stores, restaurants, medical clinics and home improvement stores are before you move. Knowing where they are in advance can save you time if you need any of them as you are unpacking.

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