Introducing the Aquathon

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Lago Mar Aquathon & 5K will take place on Saturday, Oct. 31. What is an aquathon? We’re glad you asked. An aquathon is a swim-and-run race also sometimes referred to as a splash and dash. The multi-sport race has become increasingly popular and we are thrilled to be the first crystal clear lagoon in the United States to host one.

If you would like to see one first-hand, we encourage you to purchase your tickets now. Each ticket includes a pass to our popular Oktober Lagoonfest so you can attend two exciting events for the price of one.

New to multi-sport racing and want to get some last-second planning and training for this year’s aquathon (or next year’s triathlon)? We have some tips to help you get started.

Pick Your Race

Aquathons come in two flavors. The most common is a run-swim-run race. The other is a two-stage race like the Lago Mar Aquathon where athletes swim and then run. If this will be your first aquathon, a two-stage race might be a great start. If you already compete in triathlons, a three-stage race is probably more your speed.

Purchase Your Kit

As you will be practicing both the swim and run components, it is helpful to buy your race gear first. Standard kit includes a sport swimsuit, swim goggles, a swim cap and running shoes.

What’s Your Distance?

Aquathons vary when it comes to distances. The Lago Mar aquathon offers a 400-yard swim followed by a 5K run for ages 12 and up and a youth aquathon for ages 15 and younger, featuring a 100-yard swim and 1-mile run. Other courses might include a 1-mile swim and 6.2-mile run or a 2-mile swim and 13.1-mile run. The race you choose is what you will need to practice for.

Practice, Practice

If you have never competed, it is important to start slow. Don’t try to swim and run the entire distance right away. Work up to it by training every day and pushing yourself to go a little farther when you feel ready. Practice your transitions. Making sure you are able to easily jump out of the water and tie up your running shoes is just as important as making sure you can go the distance.

Practice the Swimming

The swimming portion of an aquathon is rarely held at the local pool. You can practice in one to build up your stamina but if it is possible, practice on the actual course. Keep in mind that the race has a mass start with everyone hitting the water at the same time. Practice swimming with your head above water for a few strokes. Doing so will keep you from accidentally kicking or hitting a competitor when you hit the water.

Race Day

It’s important to get to the race venue early. You will need to set up your kit box so that when you get out of the water you can pull on your shoes and start running. You can also stash your water bottle in the box. You will be thirsty after the swim portion.

Have Fun

The important thing about an aquathon is to just have fun. Don’t worry about your time and don’t worry about winning, just concentrate on finishing the race and celebrating with your cheering squad.




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