Inventory Homes — Ready When You Are

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2023

Want to purchase a new build home but don’t have time to wait for the construction process to finish? We have a solution — inventory homes. Also known as spec or move-in ready homes, they are at or near completion, so they are ready when you are. Here are a few more advantages to buying an inventory home from Balmoral builders:

Fewer Construction Delays

With a new construction home, there can be unforeseen delays due to weather, permit issues or other construction-related challenges. Inventory homes are already built or nearly complete, minimizing the risk of delays affecting your move-in timeline.

You Know the Price Up Front

Unlike building a new home where costs can sometimes escalate due to unexpected issues or the addition of upgrades, inventory homes have fixed or more predictable costs.

What You See is What You Get

When you buy an inventory home, you can physically walk through the property and see exactly what you’re getting before making a purchase. This is different from buying a home based on floor plans or what you see in the model home.

You Might Get Upgrades

Some inventory homes may include builder upgrades or improvements that were made to attract potential buyers. This can be a bonus if you appreciate the added features.

You Might Be Able to Negotiate

While the price of inventory homes is typically set, there may still be room for negotiation, especially if you bring along a Realtor. Many builders offer incentives such as upgrades, lower prices or lower interest rates that apply just to inventory homes.

You’ll Close Sooner

Since the home is already built, the closing process for an inventory home may be faster compared to waiting for a new construction home to be completed.

Less Stress

The process of buying an inventory home can be less stressful than building a new home from scratch. You won’t have to make as many decisions about design, finishes and other details.

Check Out Our Inventory Homes Today

Ready to move to Balmoral? Stop by our builders’ model homes and talk to a representative about the inventory homes they have available. You could be swimming in our crystal clear lagoon before you know it.

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