Nurture a Love of Reading

Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Reading as they say, is fundamental. Studies show that children who read for pleasure do better in school, scoring higher on measures of comprehension, vocabulary and even math. Nurturing a love of reading is the greatest gift a parent can give a child. With the school bell about to ring for young Sierra Vista scholars, here are some tips for encouraging a life-long love for books:

Read Together 

Parents often stop reading to their children once they start school. That’s a mistake. Reading together is an excellent way to bond and foster a love for storytelling no matter how old your child is. Choose books that match their interest and take turns reading. They will become confident in their reading skills, and everyone will have fun.

Keep Bookshelves Stocked

Surround your child with books. Every room should have at least one shelf featuring a wide variety of topics. You can even put books in a basket in the bathroom. Age-appropriate book series are a great way to keep them engaged and eager to read more.

Stop In at the Library

Make regular visits to the library. Most libraries offer a storytelling hour for young children and book clubs for older children and teens. Introduce them to the children’s book section and let them browse. Get to know your librarian. He or she can help your child select books that are age-appropriate and interest them.

Every Book Needs a Nook

Create a reading nook for your child. This could be the closet under the stairs, a window seat or just a corner of the game room. Make it inviting with soft cushions, good lighting and a shelf filled with books that cater to their interests. It won’t be long before you find them curled up with a good book.

There’s Always Something to Read

Reading isn’t just about books. Encourage your child to read in different situations. When cooking, let them read the recipes. When gardening, encourage them to read the seed packets. Younger children can be encouraged to point out and read signs. Praise them for doing a good job.

Set Reading Goals

Setting reading goals can be tricky. Many children see it as just doing school at home. Instead, celebrate when your child finishes a book by taking them to the store to purchase another. This works particularly well if your child has fallen in love with a book series.

Let Them Catch You

Let your kids catch you reading. Be sure to discuss the books, newspapers and magazines you ae reading at the dinner table and encourage them to do the same. Give your child a book you enjoyed as a child and tell them why you enjoyed it.

What If It’s Hard?

If your child is having difficulty reading, don’t be afraid to have them evaluated for dyslexia. Catching it quickly means you can intervene and teach your child coping strategies. Let your child know it’s okay to read at a slower pace. It doesn’t mean they are stupid; they simply have more opportunities to enjoy the story.

Be Supportive

Be patient, understanding and supportive throughout your child’s reading journey. Avoid putting pressure on them, as it may create a negative association with reading. Instead, offer encouragement, praise their efforts and celebrate every small reading achievement.

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