Pumpkin Spice Recipes You’ll Fall For

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2023

It’s finally fall which means it’s finally pumpkin spice season. That means pumpkin spice lattes, of course, but there is so much more you can do with this tasty combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. Here are some of our residents’ favorite fall recipes:

Spice Up Breakfast

Start your morning with these pumpkin sticky buns. How about a slice of warm pumpkin bread to get those creative juices going? Your kids will devour these pumpkin spice pancakes. Not a pancake person? Treat yourself to this pumpkin pie French toast bake.

Spicy Cookies

Skip the gingerbread and bake a batch of these pumpkin spice cookies for your next party. Love cheesecake but don’t want to put the work in? Let us introduce you to pumpkin cheesecake cookies. Of course you could also go the brownie route. You’ll want to dip these biscotti cookies in your coffee all season long.

Savory Spice and Everything Nice

Who says you need to be sweet on pumpkin spice? It works well in savory dishes like Moroccan chicken with couscous. Add some warmth to this beefy butternut squash chili. Pumpkin hummus? Trust us — it’s good. Substitute pumpkin spice in your jerk chicken recipe.

Non-coffee Drinks

Skip the latte and try pumpkin juice instead. Pumpkin spice milk is great for kids. Hosting an adult party? Break out boozy pumpkin white hot chocolate. This milkshake is worth baking a pie for.

Just Dessert

Let them eat pumpkin layer cake! Wow your dinner guests with this pumpkin spice trifle. Skip the pumpkin pie and serve cheesecake instead. Or don’t skip it. Just add a little booze.

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