Say Happy Holidays With These Sweet Treats

Posted on Saturday, December 15, 2018

With Christmas around the corner and the kids getting a week off of school, nothing says “the holidays” better than baking with the family.Whether it is decorating sugar cookies or making gingerbread houses, baking is as timeless as the holidays. So, dust off those aprons and get those sprinkles shaking because it’s time for some fun!

The first treat on our list of classic confections has become an all-time favorite family tradition. Biscochitos are a shortbread-esque cookie flavored with cinnamon and anise. They’re a simple treat topped with a sugar/cinnamon mix. Estimated prep time is 40 minutes, but during that 40 minutes, your home will be filled with the most wonderful holiday aroma.

Next, we have a classic: The Gingerbread House. The gingerbread mix is diverse in that you can make a beautiful gingerbread home or a fun-filled gingerbread family! Decorating both is equally as fun but we got to say, it’s much easier to eat the cookies than an architectural masterpiece. 

Have you ever made your own fudge before? If so, you know how good it feels to eat homemade fudge. If you haven’t, that’s because the chef eats it before you can because it’s that good. We’re joking, of course, because not only is fudge fun to make but it also makes a perfect holiday gift! Pack it in a decorative tin, and it’ll stay fresh for at least a week. 

Last but certainly not least, the festive and elegant linzer cookie. You can fill these little beauties with a wide variety of fruit fillings, but this particular recipe calls for that festive red raspberry jam. There’s nothing elegant about eating the entire batch of cookies in 2 days, but here we are making one of our favorite holiday treats. 

We could honestly go on and on with different fun treats like sugar cookies, apple pies, candy-cane brownies, cinnamon rolls, truffles – but we don’t have all day. We’ve got the perfect kitchen and now it’s time to get baking!

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