Shake Up Your School Lunches

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

It’s that time again. Time to pack lunchboxes. You could toss in a sandwich, chips and an apple or you can shake things up with some of these easy, creative ideas. We know which we would prefer if we were kids.

It’s a Wrap

Sandwiches are boring. Wraps are cool. If your kids like tacos, they will love these taco pinwheels. Hummus wraps are vegan, full of protein and tasty. What kid could say no to these colorful and delectable Italian deli pinwheel sandwiches? These spicy buffalo chicken wraps really kick lunch up a notch.

Lunch on a Stick

Got some wooden skewers? Then you are halfway to a lunch your kids will love. These lunch kabobs are cute and healthy. The entire family can pitch in to make these colorful chicken kabobs. Mini pancakes on a stick? Who wouldn’t love that! Kids that are gluten-free will love chowing down on these chef salad skewers.

Breakfast for Lunch

Who says lunch must be lunch? Treat your kids to a healthy, fun breakfast instead. French toast sticks are fun to dunk in syrup. Kids will feel hip and grown-up toting avocado toast into the lunchroom. Don’t send a peanut butter sandwich, send this yummy breakfast sandwich. Smoothies keep kids full from lunch to pick-up time.

Pizzas, Quesadillas and More

When trying to decide what to pack, take a page from the kids’ menu. Kids love miniature options, so pack these mini quesadillas. What could be simpler than pizza bagels? Veggie and chorizo quesadillas get everyone out of the lunchbox rut. Some kids need nothing more than a healthy muffin and some chocolate milk.

School Lunch Deconstructed

Pack ingredients in bento boxes and let kids put their own spin on lunch. Kids love tacos and you’ll love this take-to-school taco bar. Put a smile on your child’s face with this smiley bento box. Send your little athlete to school with this protein-packed lunch.  We wouldn’t mind packing this Mediterranean-inspired lunch for ourselves.

Sandwiches are Cool

Sandwiches don’t have to be boring. Ditch the bread and introduce kids to these breadless double-decker turkey clubs. These open-face sandwiches give kids more of what they really want — the filling. Got leftover focaccia? Make these chicken pesto focaccia sandwiches. Why send a chicken sandwich when you can send the ultimate grilled chicken sandwich?

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