‘Stumped’ On Your Tree Theme?

Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2018

Your Thanksgiving feast is now a pleasant memory, so time for the Christmas journey to begin. This journey includes Christmas lights, home décor, gift preparations, meal planning and — at the center of it all — the Christmas tree. If you’re “stumped” on your Christmas tree theme this year or you just want to “spruce” things up, we have some trendy Christmas tree tips for the season.

Bring out the elegant features of your home with a muted palette on your Christmas tree this year. Accent the beautiful forest green pine with white, muted gold and carefully curated glistening ornaments to complement a room’s existing design.

If “muted” isn’t exactly your style, red is always in when it comes to Christmas. Whether it’s part of a more rustic look or a more modern style, berries, ribbons and bright red ornaments are essential accents for any tree.

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish this holiday season, a brilliant blue Christmas tree is just what you’re looking for. This soft blue-themed tree utilizes silver accents and a gold garland to bring an air of elegance to the home. Note how the accenting presents really bring the piece together.

Our Christmas tree this year will be taking inspiration from the floral-tree trend. Whether they’re a white flower like the faux magnolia here or a more colorful one like a sunflower or poinsettia, flowers give the tree a natural burst of color.

Lastly, the Texan in us could never leave out the “glam” Christmas tree. “Glam” could mean a modern-themed color scheme or a shining blend of your most extravagant ornaments, but it always means a fabulous design.

However you decide to decorate the tree, always remember the best part: The time spent with the people you love the most and the warm holiday spirit it brings into the home.


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