The Kitchen of the Future or at Least 2021

Posted on Monday, September 14, 2020

Kitchens are still the heart of the home, but first-time Millennial buyers and downsizing Boomers are having an impact on how they look. While some trends are simply aesthetic, others have risen in response to outside forces such as the pandemic. What will kitchens look like in 2021? Interior designers, architects and builders all have some thoughts.

The Return of the Closed-Off Kitchen

Kitchens open to the family room have long reigned supreme, but the closed-off kitchen — or at least partially closed-off kitchen — is making a comeback. While they may not be relegated to separate rooms, the trend is towards defined zones. Kitchens may sport high wrap-around breakfast bars or archways to hide dirty dishes and counter clutter.

Your Kitchen, Only Smarter

With the rise of the smart home comes the rise of the smart kitchen. Refrigerators that tell you when you are out of something, touchless faucets, smart lights, smart outlets and more will become more prevalent.

White Cabinets are Out

It seems like only yesterday that white cabinets were the epitome of kitchen design. Expect to see natural wood cabinets making a comeback. Painted cabinets will still be popular, but today’s buyers are looking for color with greens and blues being the most popular.

Speaking of Color

Whether it is the state of the world or boredom with all-white kitchens, today’s buyers are looking for pops of color. In addition to painted cabinets, more buyers are ditching stainless steel and opting for stoves in a range of colors from the simplicity of black and white to cheery reds and yellows. You will also see more colorful backsplashes and kitchen islands painted in colors that contrast with cabinets.

Organization is King

One thing we learned this year is that our kitchens need to be organized. Expect to see organization systems built into walk-in pantries, cabinets specifically for small appliances, drawer dividers for cutlery, built-in spice racks, deep drawers and even wastebasket cabinets.

What About Islands?

Kitchen islands are now standard in most home designs. People love the ability to sit at the island and talk to the chef. Look for waterfall islands that make a statement and provide a focal point, Tiered islands will further separate food preparation from diners. Islands that stretch out to create dining room tables will also grow in popularity.

Backsplashes and Floors

There’s no other way to say this. Subway tile backsplashes are out. Large tiles and slabs are taking over. While they may be traditional tiles, copper, glass and even stainless steel are taking their place. Hardwood floors are still popular, but ceramic tile that looks like wood is growing in popularity because they are easy to clean.

Get the Trends

How can you incorporate these trends in your new Balmoral home? Visit your builder’s design center. Design experts will work with you to choose the interior décor that works for you and your lifestyle.


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