Throw These Burgers on the Grill

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2022

For a quick and satisfying meal, nothing beats grilled burgers. Of course, the best burgers use the best ingredients, so we’ve rounded up a few recipes that will have family and friends hailing you as the “Grill Master in Chief.” Try them out on your backyard grill or — if you are a Balmoral resident — you can invite the gang and use the outdoor kitchen at Victory Park!

Anything but Basic Beef Burgers

You could throw some ground beef on the grill and call it good or you could serve up Food Network star Bobby Fay’s “Perfect Burger.” Spice up your burger game with these nacho burgers, also courtesy of Bobby Flay. Add some chile and smash your burgers. Turn your guests’ world upside down with Guy Fieri’s delicious inside-out burgers

Perfect Poultry Burgers

Poultry is a healthy alternative to beef and your guests won’t miss the cow once they bite into these buffalo chicken burgers. New to the chicken burger game? The Kitchn has you covered with this recipe. Think turkey burgers are dry? You haven’t tried these southwest turkey burgers. Super moist turkey burgers with lemon aioli are sure to be a hit.

The Other White Meat

We don’t usually think about pork burgers, but the other white meat is healthy and delicious. Try these Manchego-stuffed pork burgers at your next get-together. Pork meets Asian flare in these ginger-sesame pork burgers. You won’t have to worry about seasoning these Italian sausage burgers. Your family will give you a standing ovation when you serve up perfect pork burgers.

What About Fish Burgers?

Don’t let Filet O’ Fish sandwiches turn you off to seafood burgers. These shrimp burgers will have you reminiscing about your last trip to New Orleans. Grab some tuna steaks and buns then fire up the grill! Even kids will love these crunchy salmon burgers.

Marvelous Meatless Burgers

Your guests won’t be asking “where’s the beef” when you serve up these delicious meatless burgers. Show your vegan guests some love with these exceptional portobello mushroom burgers. If you haven’t heard of rajma (curried kidney beans) you might want to stock up after you taste these burgers.

Grill on the Wild Side

Hunters know some of the tastiest burgers don’t come from the grocery store. If you love venison, you love these venison garlic burgers. The ultimate onion elk burger recipe is waiting for you. These bison burgers are way above average. No one will be hiding their heads in the sand when you dish up these ostrich burgers.

Don’t Forget the Buns

Your burger creations deserve better than store-bought buns. Get out the Bundt pan to make these beautiful buns. Don’t serve your gluten-allergic friend meat on a leaf. Whip up these gluten-free buns instead. Brioche is surprisingly easy to make and delicious with all kinds of burgers. Many think that when it comes to buns, sourdough is the way to go.

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