Top 5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Posted on Monday, September 25, 2023

One of the best things about moving to a new community like Sierra Vista is the opportunity for you and your family to make new friends. It can also be the hardest. How do you go about meeting and building a relationship with those living near you? We have some thoughts:

Knock on the Door

It’s a classic for a reason. Bring a small gift such as a plant or a plate of cookies. Introduce yourself. Be polite and open, expressing your excitement about living in the neighborhood. If knocking on the door seems a little too bold, approach them on the weekend when they are tending to their yard or playing outside with their kids.

Go High Tech

Check to see if your community has resident-only social media groups or an app dedicated to local news and events. Introduce yourself virtually. You can also use these platforms to ask questions, seek recommendations and start conversations with your neighbors.

Host a Welcome Party

Invite neighbors for a backyard barbecue, a potluck dinner or a simple afternoon tea. It’s a relaxed way to break the ice and allows your neighbors to mingle with one another as well.

Do What You Love

Common interests can jump start friendships. If your community has an amenity complex, you can take your kids to the pool, invite a neighbor to play pickleball or hang out at the dog park. If there are neighborhood clubs, join or start one of your own.

By participating in activities you enjoy, you’ll naturally form connections.

Be a Good Neighbor

A simple yet effective way to build connections with your neighbors is to be a good neighbor yourself. Keep your property well-maintained, follow local rules and regulations and be considerate.

Move to Sierra Vista

An easy way to make friends is to move to a great community like Sierra Vista. We’ve designed our neighborhoods and amenities to maximize your ability to make connections. Visit today.

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