Use Paint to Set Your Mood

Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2022

Did you know the color of your rooms can affect your mood? It’s true. Psychologists have determined that certain colors elicit similar reactions from most people. That’s worth considering when choosing paint for your new home in Lago Mar. Which colors can set the mood you have in mind? We’ll let you decide.


Psychologists have noted that red can cause your heart rate to increase. That’s not a bad thing. Stimulation increases feelings of excitement and motivation. Painting your entryway red can make guests feel excited to enter your home. A red dining room can stimulate appetite but also enhance feelings of conviviality.


We associate yellow with sunny days and happy thoughts. The color also increases positivity, creativity and communication. Add splashes of yellow paint to your kitchen to promote family conversation and fun. Use it in your office to be more productive.


Orange equals energy. It doesn’t have to be a bright orange. Muted corals are beautiful and evoke enthusiasm. Use this color in your exercise room to keep you coming back for more. Paint the kids’ playroom orange to promote creative play.


Green topped paint companies’ ‘Color of the Year’ lists for a reason. Green rooms promote calmness, mindfulness and sleep. Green works well in bedrooms. You can also use it in family and living rooms so you can relax after a tough day at work.


Blue is a soothing color best used in bedrooms, bathrooms and media rooms. The color promotes feelings of serenity. It’s even been shown that viewing the color immediately reduces your heart rate and respiration.


What’s the favorite color for kitchens? If you said white, you’re correct. We like white because it evokes feelings of cleanliness. White comes in shades. Warmer whites can make a room feel comfortable. Cooler whites can give a room a more formal feel.


People paint rooms black to add a touch of sophistication. It’s an edgy color and you have to feel confident to use it. Too much black can be depressing, so it’s wise not to paint an entire room black. Use it as an accent color to add drama, depth and elegance.


Gray has increased in popularity over the years. The color promotes feelings of warmth and comfort. Warm grays in bedrooms can make you feel cozy. Cooler tones can be edgy and work well in media rooms.


Shades of brown are earthy. Living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms all benefit from the feelings of security and contentment the color promotes.


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