What’s New in Bathrooms

Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

You’ve just purchased your dream home in Balmoral and it’s time to visit the design center. Here you will pick out everything from flooring, cabinets and tiles, but what about your primary bathroom? How do you turn it from functional to spa-like? Never fear, we have some of the hottest trends for 2021:

Freestanding Tubs

As you toured the Balmoral model homes, you may have seen one or two baths featuring freestanding tubs. These whimsical tubs not only evoke the past, they provide a touch of elegance and a focal point. Most tubs are made of fiberglass but see if you can add interest with color or different materials such as stone or metal.

Accent Walls

Accent or statement walls have moved from the dining room and bedroom into the primary bath. They are a fun way to dress up what could be a boring bath. Moody colors such as burgundy, forest green and navy blue are in. Brick and stone walls are in, as well, and provide much-needed texture.

Choose Unconventional Tiles

Square tiles are so yesteryear. Make your bath unique by choosing tiles in hexagon, fish scales, triangles, diamonds and different herringbone patterns.

Add Color

It’s surprising how many people don’t think about painting their bathrooms. Since you are choosing paint colors anyway, ditch the white and add some color. Sage green and light blue are restful colors. Gray and black are sophisticated and trending right now. If you like strong colors don’t hesitate to try red and coral.

Open Showers

Large, open-concept showers have become popular. These showers give the feel of your favorite spa and make your bath feel larger. They also provide maximum accessibility for disabled or elderly homeowners. They can be enhanced with marble seats, multiple showerheads and misting systems.


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