Connect Rooms with Color

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Decorating an open-concept home can be a challenge. How do you differentiate the purpose of each room and still maintain a sense of unity and flow? The answer is repeating colors. When you use the same color in different rooms, it visually connects them and makes your space feel more coherent. Here are some tips:

It’s Not About Paint

Paint is only one aspect of using a repeating color. You also want to think about small details such as window treatments, fabrics or wall decor, which can help form a subtle link between spaces for an overall cohesive look. Incorporate different textures and patterns within your chosen color palette. This adds depth and dimension to your design.

Select a Color You Love

Choose a color that you genuinely love and resonate with. It’s your home, so it should reflect your personality and taste. By selecting a color that resonates with you and promotes the desired ambiance, you can create a home that feels comfortable and inviting.

Interest, Not Monotony

Fight monotony by using various shades, tones and textures of your chosen color to create depth and visual interest. This allows you to play with contrast while maintaining a consistent theme.

Variations on a Theme

Instead of agonizing over a different color for each room, you can focus on variations and accents within the chosen color palette. This streamlines your decorating choices and reduces the risk of clashing colors.

Strike a Balance

While repetition is key, it’s essential to strike a balance. Avoid overwhelming your space with too much of the same color. Use it strategically to create focal points and accents.

Visit Our Model Homes for Inspiration

Not sure what colors to use or how best to use them? Stop by Lago Mar and tour our professionally decorated model homes. Once you’ve had a look, grab your color wheel, explore swatches and embark on the journey of transforming your new Lago Mar home into a masterpiece.

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